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Bulk Pellet Facility Opening Soon!

Bulk pellet facility truck

Thanks in part to a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, we expect to open our new bulk pellet storage facility by the end of the year. This will streamline the process of delivering wood pellets to your home.

When our specialized pellet truck arrives at your home, your pellets will be blown into a storage hopper and for pinpoint accuracy they will be weighed as they come off the truck. From there, the pellets can be automatically fed into another hopper on your wood pellet boiler or wood pellet stove.

Ehrhart Energy has been in the forefront of practical, clean energy initiatives for many years, and this is just our latest step. Our fleet of vehicles runs on clean-burning propane autogas, and we are the only company in the area offering biofuel — renewable alternatives to fuel oil, kerosene and diesel.

Remember to check out our Facebook page. We’ll be posting details soon about the grand opening of our new bulk pellet storage facility.