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Burning Questions about Wood Pellets

Sales representative Kris Loomis answers common questions from customers about wood pellets.

Q: Why are wood pellets considered environmentally friendly?

A: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) describes emissions from wood pellets as “carbon neutral” because the emissions created are no greater than what would enter the atmosphere naturally (when a tree falls and decays, for example). In contrast, fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the air, which increases greenhouse gases.

Q: Do your pellets come from trees that have been chopped down?

A: Absolutely not. We offer you pellets made only from “remnant wood”—roots, tree tops, brush and sawdust from furniture companies. We do not buy from companies that purposely cut down trees to manufacture wood pellets.

If just 10% of homes and businesses in the Finger Lakes region switched to wood pellet stoves and wood pellet boilers, it would reduce carbon emissions by 69,043 metric tons!

Q: How much can I save on heat if I switch to a wood pellet boiler?

A: Pellets are inexpensive (about half the cost of oil or propane). You could potentially save hundreds of dollars each year if you converted to a wood pellet system. New York State has also developed rebates and incentive programs to offset the cost of purchasing a wood pellet boiler, which will provide you with an even faster payback on your investment. (See related article about wood pellet boilers.)

Q: If I switch to a wood pellet system, can you guarantee me a supply?

A: Yes. Last winter, when pellet supplies became scarce (as they usually do around here), we were one of the few companies that had a plentiful supply. This winter, with the opening of our new bulk pellet storage facility, we will have even more pellets on hand.