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Go Green and Save Green with a Wood Pellet Boiler

While more than a million wood pellet boilers are currently being used to keep homes warm in Europe, they have only recently begun to be adopted by savvy homeowners in the United States — and Ehrhart Energy is leading the way in bringing these cost-effective, environmentally friendly heating systems to the Finger Lakes!

Why a wood pellet boiler?

  • 40%–60% lower heating costs than with fossil fuels.
  • Wood pellet costs are steady; heating oil and propane prices remain unpredictable.
  • Wood pellets are made in North America, so heating dollars stay here instead of overseas, helping to support the regional economy.
  • Wood pellet boilers are highly efficient, automated and burn more cleanly than fossil fuels.

Our home comfort experts will evaluate your current heating oil or propane system and explain the process of converting it to a pellet boiler. Contact us today to get started and learn more.

Great savings! Save 45% off the cost of a qualifying wood pellet boiler through the Renewable Heat NY program. You can also save up to $1,500 on a wood pellet stove! Contact us today for details.

Wood pellet boilers are thermostat-controlled units that are self-feeding and self-cleaning. They require no weekly maintenance.