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Ask The Expert

Upgrade to a propane tankless water heater and get a $300 rebate!

Q: What are the advantages of a propane tankless water heater?

A: There are several. One is savings. With no tank of water to keep warm, a tankless water heater costs up to 60% less to operate than electric storage-tank water heaters.

Tankless units also provide a virtually unlimited supply of hot water on demand. And since a tankless water heater can be hung on a wall, it can free up valuable floor space.

Finally, tankless heaters are extremely durable. These units typically last twice as long as water heaters with a tank— up to 20 years or more—because they are less likely to corrode.

To learn more, please contact us through EhrhartEnergy.com or give us a call. Right now, you may qualify for a $300 rebate from the New York Propane Gas Association when you convert your electric water heater to a propane tankless unit.