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Ask the Expert

Q: How does an automated pellet boiler work?

A: Pellets are automatically fed into your boiler so you never have to lift a bag of wood. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the boiler monitors combustion and adjusts the pellet feed rate and the air flow to give you the most precise and complete burn of pellets possible. This not only improves efficiency, it also lowers emissions and eliminates the need to clean your boiler frequently.

Q: Are wood-pellet boilers really a green alternative to oil and propane heat?

A: Definitely. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has deemed them “carbon neutral.” We only deliver pellets made from “remnant wood” — sawdust from furniture companies, as well as roots, treetops and brush. We do not buy products from companies that cut down trees only to manufacture wood pellets.

Pellet boiler

Q: What about the cost?

A: Wood pellets are extremely efficient — so you get great value. You need less fuel to generate the same amount of heat as you would get with other heating fuels.

While the initial cost to install and set up a pellet boiler can be high, you can defer a lot of your cost through rebates. Plus, the return on your investment is phenomenal. The typical payback takes three to four years, and, because pellets usually cost about half as much as oil or propane, you could save hundreds of dollars every year.

Kris Loomis
sales representative