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Winter Couldn’t Stop Us

Bill Overbaugh

Dear Friends,

I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I don’t recall a period as brutal as the cold snap we endured from mid- December to mid-January.

For the most part, we were able to take care of every customer in need. That’s because we invest in the kinds of trucks, technology and supply that are essential for tough winters. But even more importantly, we have fabulous employees.

Our drivers and technicians were true heroes, working long hours, in frigid conditions, seven days a week to take care of people. Our office team manned phone lines that at times were 300% busier than usual. Staff worked more overtime hours than ever before, a testament to the commitment our employees made.

During this time, we were inundated with calls from people whose regular companies had left them in the lurch. Some of these companies — particularly the discount suppliers — stopped answering phones altogether. While we always prioritize our existing customers first, we did help many of these folks, adding more customers this January than any January on record.

I know there were probably some anxious moments for you, too. I can’t tell you how much it meant to all of us that you were so understanding. We truly appreciated your kind notes and positive online reviews.

Thank you for being such amazing customers. Please take a look through this newsletter for some suggestions that can make next year much easier. Like you, I’m looking forward to all the warm weather ahead.

Bill Overbaugh