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Ways to make life easier

JT Salzer

Consultant JT Salzer suggest some ways to take the stress out of winter.

  • Sign up for automatic deliveries. We’ll know when you need fuel and can adjust your schedule with the weather forecast. Last winter, fokls who called for deliveries ran iontor trouble when the extreme cold caused them to use fuel much faster than usual.
  • Enroll in Smart Pay, our monthly payment plan. You’ll get predictable payments no matter how much fuel you need. Consider price protection, too: It can guard you against fuel-price surges when temperatures plunge and wholesale heating fuel prices spike.
  • Old, inefficient heating equipment is not capable of keeping homes comfortable enough during extreme cold. It also wastes fuel. Contact us about your replacement options so you can save money and stay warm next winter.
  • Make sure we have your current email address and mobile number—and “like us” on Facebook, too. That way, in emergencies we’ll have multiple means of reaching you with advisories and updates.