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SAVE 50% on Pellet Stoves


Visit our showroom today for great deals on a variety of wood pellet stoves. Right now, you can save more than $1,000!

Pellet stoves have a built-in hopper system that allows you to pour a 40-pound bag of wood pellets into the top of the stove, so you only need to add another bag every 18 to 24 hours on average.

Pellet stoves are easier to operate than traditional wood-log stoves, while still filling your home with the natural-wood warmth you simply cannot achieve with oil or propane.

For added convenience, many customers opt to invest in an indoor or outdoor storage container that can automatically feed the pellets into the stove as needed. With this set-up, you can order bulk wood pellet delivery from us and leave the bags behind.

We offer the most choices and the fastest installation times of anyone around. We also guarantee you’ll always have a ready supply of pellets delivered to you — either in bulk or in bags — and always with a smile. Stop by and see us soon!