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Propane AutoGas driving range and refueling station locations

As with traditional gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles, fuel efficiency in AutoGas-powered vehicles varies from model to model, and use to use.

Propane has less BTU per gallon than gasoline, but it is a much higher octane, so it burns more efficiently. We have found we get approximately the same fuel mileage on AutoGas as we do on gasoline. And, since the fuel and operating cost per mile for AutoGas are both much lower than is found in gasoline, fleets can find significant savings by transitioning to AutoGas.

And because propane is easily stored as a liquid, and expands 270 times when converted to a vapor, with the same size tank, you can drive greater distances than with other alternative fuels, such as compressed natural gas (CNG) or even electricity.

With AutoGas, you will enjoy more than 250% more range than you would with compressed natural gas, about 60% more than with methanol and 25% more than ethanol — and AutoGas is also commonly priced lower than these other alternative fuels!

You can find plenty of places to refuel — including your own fleet location when you establish Ehrhart Energy AutoGas fuel delivery!

The most cost-effective way to fuel your fleet is to have us establish and service a propane AutoGas pumping station at your site.

An employee on the road, however, might need to find another location at which to fuel.

Fueling Station Locations

Fortunately, as propane AutoGas grows in popularity, so do the numbers of places that pump it. The U.S. Department of Energy has developed an alternative fueling station locator that will help you find AutoGas-friendly suppliers throughout the Finger Lakes as well as the entire United States.

Ehrhart Energy will get your fleet driving more miles for less money. Contact us to speak with a representative today.