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Propane AutoGas Conversions

Ehrhart Energy has converted hundreds of vehicles to AutoGas!

Many vehicles are available directly from the factory as propane AutoGas vehicles, but not all. Those that are not can be readily converted for about half the cost to upgrade from gasoline to diesel. Some people choose to have their vehicles retrofitted, even when they are available because our conversions give you the ability to run on propane or gasoline, eliminating any concerns about range.

Good candidates for conversion to propane AutoGas include: taxis, police vehicles, firetrucks, shuttle vans, limousines, town cars, food and beverage distribution trucks and utility trucks.

Frito-Lay announced in February 2011 that it was converting up to 2,000 gasoline-powered vehicles to run on propane AutoGas. Each vehicle displaced almost 1,667 gallons of gasoline annually, which translated to almost 4 million gallons each year for its fleet, and 40 million gallons over the expected lifetime of its trucks.

In fact, the Ehrhart Energy fleet of trucks has run on clean-burning propane since 1949, and we regularly get 300,000 miles or more out of our engines.

Ehrhart Energy will convert your fleet of vehicles into another AutoGas success story. And our work is covered by warranty.

Though the system we use to convert your vehicle is capable of working on almost any modern gasoline engine, there are a limited number of vehicles that are approved by CARB and EPA. All of our conversions must be approved, so when looking at a new vehicle, we recommend you consult with us before the purchase to make sure your vehicle can be converted.

We offer a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty covering all aspects of the conversion. In virtually all cases, converting a vehicle to an AutoGas hybrid does not void your factory warranty. Our warranty simply supplements a factory warranty to provide coverage for the hybrid system and its components.

We also provide the following support to fleet managers:

  • Vehicle conversion and fleet mechanic maintenance training
  • AutoGas vehicle use and safety training
  • Safe fueling practices training
  • Ongoing fuel delivery planning

Regardless of whether the fleet has an in-house mechanic, Ehrhart conversion technicians are always available for ongoing consultation and training.

There are always new vehicles being EPA certified for conversion to propane AutoGas. Feel free to give us a call to see whether your fleet vehicles qualify.

Ehrhart Energy offers dependable AutoGas vehicle conversion service within our service area. Contact us to speak with a representative today.