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The many benefits of propane AutoGas

You can benefit by having us convert your car, truck, van, or bus so it can use AutoGas.

Here are is just a brief list of its benefits:

Plentiful domestic fuel supply

Gasoline and diesel require us to import oil from virtually every corner of the world, and do business with countries we may not otherwise care to support.

Yet nearly 100% of AutoGas can be inexpensively produced in America — meaning work and rewards for U.S. citizens without the threat of those jobs being exported overseas.

Lower cost of infrastructure

A vast propane fuel infrastructure already exists in America, and building new infrastructure domestically is much less expensive and invasive than oil drilling.

And because of its federally recognized status as a clean fuel, vehicle conversions to AutoGas cost less than any other mainstream automotive fuel.

Fleet owners can expect to pay roughly 30% to 50% less per gallon than retail gasoline.

So, when compared to gasoline, it is the only fuel that saves money for fleets and brings a rapid return on investment even without the existing government incentives!

Wait…did we say “government incentives?”

The U.S. Department of Energy provides specific New York State incentives and laws for alternative fuel vehicles.

A far greener alternative to gasoline or diesel

AutoGas is listed as an approved alternative fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

Despite having the word “gas” in its name, AutoGas produces far fewer harmful emissions than the gases we put in most vehicles today.

  • Its exhaust creates 60% to 70% less smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline. (Southwest Research Institute)
  • Compared to gasoline, AutoGas yields 12% less carbon dioxide and as much as 60% less carbon monoxide. When compared to traditional fuels and even compressed natural gas (CNG), propane AutoGas is the clear winner by reducing harmful nitrogen oxide from vehicle emissions by 20% or more. (World Liquid Propane Gas Association, January 2003; California Energy Commission, January 2003)
  • AutoGas cuts emissions of toxins and carcinogens like benzene and toluene by up to 96% compared to gasoline. (Southwest Research Institute)
  • Its octane rating is 104, while premium grade gasoline’s is only 91 to 92. This higher rating allows for a higher compression ratio in the engine and greater engine efficiency, leading to significant reductions in exhaust emissions like carbon monoxide.

Because AutoGas burns so cleanly, your vehicles will require less frequent oil changes – and will, in fact, require less maintenance generally while it increases the life of the engine.

A far safer alternative to gasoline or diesel

  • Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant.
  • Propane has a much narrower flammability range. Gasoline is combustible at approximately 500º F, whereas propane AutoGas is combustible at approximately 850º F.
  • Propane leaks vaporize and dissipate, rather than seep invasively into the ground, and they do not contaminate soil or underground rock or silt from which groundwater can be extracted via wells.
  • Propane engine fuel systems have many passive safety devices that automatically stop the flow of significant leaks.

Same power, better performance.

Drivers who use AutoGas report that, when compared to gasoline, it provides equivalent power in even the heaviest applications…while providing superior performance.

Better still, AutoGas provides the longest driving range of any alternative fuel on the market today.

Learn more about propane AutoGas by following the links above. Contact us to speak with a representative today.