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Bioheat: A blend of home heating oil and Biodiesel

Here are a number of compelling reasons why Ehrhart Energy now offers Bioheat delivery rather than traditional heating oil:

  • Reduces U.S. reliance on imported oil – by replacing millions of gallons of petroleum-based heating oil, American homes will be far less vulnerable to any supply disruptions from overseas unrest or politics.
  • Creates thousands of jobs — supports more than 31,000 U.S. jobs and generates income of nearly $1.7 billion to be circulated throughout our economy, according to a recent economic study.*
  • Relies on renewable, biodegradable, nontoxic resources – we can continually regrow new supplies throughout America, and it is virtually free of sulfur and other impurities.
  • Saves wear and tear on equipment AND on the environment – because it has a much lower sulfur content, Bioheat fuel burns cleaner than standard No. 2 heating oil. The result is fewer breakdowns, longer equipment life, better fuel efficiency and a cleaner environment.
  • Requires no equipment refits – if your heating system uses regular fuel oil, it can use Bioheat fuel.

Learn more about this improved home heating fuel:

* Biodiesel Magazine – Will NYC Homeowners Embrace Bioheat as the Evolution of Oilheat?


Ehrhart Energy promises all customers that you will always have heat in the winter, with prompt delivery of any fuel we provide.


You will also always get fair pricing when buying any of our fuels, equipment, or services. We care—you can count on it.

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