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Bioheat air quality

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Bioheat is made from renewable sources like soybeans and biodegrades as quickly as sugar. Because it produces lower emissions than traditional heating oil, it promotes better air quality.

If all oilheat was a 2% blend of Bioheat, we would conserve burning 140 million gallons of oil annually in this country.

Translated to a typical oil-burning household, using 800 gallons of Bioheat per year could help each family conserve 16 gallons of oil annually and the emissions that go along with it.

Now consider this: On average, every American breathes over 3,000 gallons of air each day.

Imagine inhaling “3,000 buckets of air” into your lungs…today, tomorrow, and for as long as you live.

Wouldn’t you want to have the air that you are inhaling to be as clean as possible?

Now you know why you should care about the superior air quality provided by burning Bioheat!

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