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Bioheat helps create a better energy balance

Energy Balance

The U.S. Congress has mandated that states and regions develop plans to restore pristine air quality to National Parks and wilderness areas. The so-called Low Sulfur Heating Oil (LSHO) initiative has driven government executives and legislators to require reductions of greenhouse gases by 10% or more—below 1990 levels.

Achieving these goals will require the virtual elimination of common man-made pollutants like sulfur and carbon dioxide.

Unlike most fuels, Biodiesel—used to create Bioheat—actually has a positive energy balance of 5.54 to 1 toward EPA current greenhouse gas reduction goals as compared to heating oil or petroleum diesel. This means that for every 1 unit of fossil energy needed to produce Biodiesel, the return is 5.54 units of renewable energy.

This energy-in, energy-out ratio is called “energy balance” or “fossil energy ratio.”

So, as you can see, when Ehrhart Energy weans you away from traditional heating oil and toward Bioheat, we are truly helping bring our global environment back into balance!

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