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Clearing the Air: Emissions from Bioheat vs. #2 Heating Oil

Clearing the air

If you’re an eco-warrior living in our Finger Lakes service area and using fuel oil to heat your home, we have some good news for you (and your lungs): by using B20 Biofuel® from Ehrhart Energy, you won’t just save wear and tear on your heating equipment, you’ll also save wear and tear on the planet.

That’s because every gallon of Bioheat you use reduces airborne emissions compared to using other sources of home heating, including coal-generated electricity and conventional No. 2 heating oil.

Here are six pollutants potentially produced by heating your home – and every one of them is reduced by using Bioheat rather than other energy sources:

  • Sulfur oxides (especially sulfur dioxide, or SO2) – 80 percent reduction vs. No. 2 heating oil
  • Nitrogen oxides (especially nitrogen dioxide, or NO2) – 20-30 percent reduction vs. No. 2 heating oil
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) – 20 percent reduction vs. No. 2 heating oil
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Particulate matter emissions (particulates)

As you can see, Bioheat is a great choice for heating your home in an environmentally responsible way– so great, in fact, that residential Bioheat® fuel-fired heating equipment is not even regulated under the Federal Clean Air Act.

Three other key benefits of Bioheat

Still not convinced to make the switch to Bioheat in your oil-fired Upstate NY home? Here are three other reasons to choose this clean, green fuel:

  • Bioheat has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel
  • Bioheat costs the same as No. 2 heating oil
  • You don’t have to make any changes to your heating equipment or tank to use Bioheat

No matter how you slice it, Bioheat is a clear winner for eco-friendly households – great news if you become an Ehrhart Energy customer, since every gallon of heating oil we deliver is B20 bioheat!

To learn more about what B20 Bioheat from Ehrhart Energy can do for your home – and your conscience – contact our heating experts today!