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Four Ways to Cut Stress and Enjoy More Home Comfort in the Months Ahead

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Summertime, and the living is easy here in the Finger Lakes region – and with a little planning and some investment, it can stay that way in the months to come.

Here are four things you can do right now to cut through stress and enjoy easy living (well, easier, anyway) all year long with Ehrhart Energy:

  • Sign up for Automatic Delivery for your heating oil or propane (or both!) – With FREE Automatic Delivery from Ehrhart, we’ll know when you need fuel and can adjust your propane or heating oil delivery schedule as the weather changes. Last winter, our Will Call customers ran into trouble when January’s extreme cold caused them to use fuel much faster than usual; you can prevent that problem in winter 2018-19 if you sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery today.
  • Update your contact information with us – Make sure we have your current email address and mobile phone number – that way we have a way to reach you if there are emergencies, service delays, or problems with your system or billing. Be sure to “like” us on Facebook, too – that way we’ll have multiple ways to reach you with advisories and service updates.
  • Enroll in Smart Pay – Last year’s lingering cold snaps may have left you with a few unexpected heating bill surprises – but not if you were a Smart Pay customer. By splitting your annual heating bill into 11 equal payments (plus one adjustment payment), you’ll get predictable payments no matter how much fuel you need (plus a 5-cent per gallon discount on your fuel).

    Consider Price Protection, too: It can guard you against fuel-price surges when temperatures plunge and wholesale heating fuel prices spike.

  • Replace old, inefficient heating equipment – Even if you have your old heating equipment professionally maintained every year, eventually it won’t be able to keep your Central New York State home comfortable during extreme cold snaps like we had last year – and it won’t be able to keep up with new, high-efficiency heating equipment that can save you hundreds of dollars every year on fuel costs.

    Contact us to talk about replacement options for your home comfort systems so you can save money and stay warm next winter.

Hurry – Ehrhart’s Smart Pay enrollment window is coming to an end! Contact us today to enroll and get more predictable bills in the months to come.