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Get More Predictable Bills – and Less Stress – with Ehrhart Energy’s Smart Pay Program

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I think it’s safe to say that most of us would welcome a little stability in today’s uncertain world.

While we can’t tell you what news tomorrow’s headlines will bring, we can help you get a handle on what your monthly bills will look like – thanks to our Smart Pay budget plan.

Smart Pay splits your annual heating bill into 12 equal payments so you’ll avoid paying 80 percent of it during the winter months. That means you’ll know exactly what your bill will month after month, with no surprises come wintertime no how much propane or Bioheat you use.

Imagine how much easier it would be to plan if you know what your monthly energy bill will be, down to the dollar!

As a bonus, you will automatically receive our 5¢ prompt-pay discount on all your deliveries when you sign up for Smart Pay. And if you want even more convenience, add our AutoPay option and never think about your heating payments again!

Plan ahead for peace of mind in 2017-2018 – Sign up for Ehrhart’s Smart Pay plan today and take control of your heating bills!