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Getting the Most from Your Current Propane Gas Furnace

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Most of today’s propane furnaces achieve efficiency ratings into the upper 90s (95 percent is now the federal minimum efficiency for gas-fired furnaces operating in the northern U.S.) – which means that replacing an aging heating system could pay for itself in just a few short years.

But what if your current furnace is still relatively new and in good condition? In that case, you might be better off making smaller investments of time and money in other areas that will keep your furnace efficiency as high as possible. Here are six suggestions:

  1. Get routine maintenanceRegular maintenance for your propane heating equipment is the key to keeping your furnace running better for longer, to keeping energy bills as low as possible, and to avoiding unnecessary furnace repairs.
  2. Seal air leaks – Besides making you feel less comfortable, drafts and air leaks in your home will also make your furnace work harder to do its job. Measures such as caulk, weather stripping, and door sweeps will help you manage air leaks without breaking the bank.
  3. Change filters regularly – Clogged air filters can instantly rob your furnace of performance and cause wear and tear on your equipment that could eventually lead to a heating system breakdown. Check your furnace filter at least once per month, cleaning or changing it as needed.
  4. Insulate attics and crawl spaces – Properly insulating unconditioned spaces could cut 5-10 percent of your heating and cooling bills – often enough to offset the cost of installation in just a year or two. Check out these DOE insulation tips and guidelines.
  5. Take advantage of the sun – Choose window treatments that easily allow the sun to heat rooms during the day, then prevent that heat from escaping at night. Check out these tips on window treatments for your Finger Lakes-area home.
  6. Use ceiling fans – It may not seem to make sense to use fans during the winter, but a fan that pushes rising warm air back into the room will actually help your space stay toasty. Most ceiling fans made today can be reversed to accomplish this trick in the winter, then set back to draw cool air up in the summer.

When the time comes, don’t hesitate to upgrade your propane furnace

As furnaces age, they lose efficiency, break down more frequently, and keep you less comfortable overall. Consider new furnace systems if:

  • Your furnace system is over 10 years old
  • Your furnace seems to need constant repairs
  • Your furnace is not performing as well as it should – or as well as you remember it performing – despite regular maintenance.

If you need to replace your propane furnace or space heater, the experts at Ehrhart Energy can help you find a solution that works for you, then get it installed quickly and correctly so you can get back to enjoying a warm home and lower bills.

Need furnace maintenance or a propane furnace upgrade for your Finger Lakes-area home? We can help! Contact our expert team today for expert furnace service in our service area, or for help choosing a heating system that’s right for your space and budget.