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Help us keep your fuel deliveries coming this winter

Winter has arrived here in the Finger Lakes – which means that at some point in the coming months, our fleet drivers and technicians will be faced with conditions that challenge us to provide the safe, on-time propane, heating oil, and wood pellet deliveries you have come to expect and rely upon.

You can help us meet those challenges – and ensure that everyone has a chance to get their fuel when they need it most – by remembering to do these three things before your scheduled fill-up:

  • Clear a path to your fuel storage area – If it snows, please try to keep a clear, ice-free path to your fill pipe, propane tank, or bulk pellet storage bin clear so our technicians can access it quickly and safely.
  • Clear your driveway – One of the biggest impediments to getting your fuel delivered is navigating our trucks on steep driveways. Safety codes prohibit us from parking a fuel truck on an incline unless it is clear of snow and ice and wheel chocks (the wedges we put under the tires so the truck doesn’t roll back) can be applied safely.
  • Plan ahead – When fuel is in high demand, our delivery crews get very busy serving customers – which means it’s harder for us to accommodate urgent delivery requests. Please call when your tank or bin is no less than a quarter full – or avoid the hassle of calling altogether by signing up for Automatic Delivery.

Did you know that we speed up our delivery schedule when severe weather is forecast so we can get extra delivery runs in ahead of the storm? It’s just one more way we deliver for you. Contact us today to order fuel or to join the Ehrhart family of customers!