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How Often Should a Generator Be Serviced?


A whole house propane backup generator can be a lifesaver for your family, powering home medical equipment and keeping the heat on when the Finger Lakes-area winter hits with full force (it’s also pretty good at keeping your food fresh, your sump-pump working, and keeping your property safe during a power outage).

But the incredible peace of mind your generator buys you will only pay off if your generator works on the spot when you need it most – and the best way to ensure that happens is to have your generator regularly maintained by an expert.

Like any other home comfort equipment, an annual tune-up for your whole house generator is a must; twice per year (pre-summer and pre-winter) is ideal. The expert technicians at Ehrhart Energy will run your generator to make sure all critical systems are ready and able to perform so you’ll know that when the moment of truth arrives, your generator will be ready.

Here are two other things you can do for your propane generator in the weeks leading up to fall:

  • Schedule a propane delivery – Make sure your generator has enough propane to get you through at least a week without power, since emergencies may delay deliveries. Early fall is a good time to schedule a top-off, before heating season is in full swing.
  • Take it for a test run – Like any mechanical equipment, a generator that sits for long periods without running will eventually develop problems. Take your generator for a test run about once every three months, powering up to a full load and observing any problems. During the winter, increase the frequency to at least once per month or more to lubricate moving parts and maintain important seals (you wouldn’t leave your car in the driveway in January without running it occasionally, would you? The same idea applies here).

If you have a whole-house propane generator, be sure to schedule a tune-up with the pros at Ehrhart Energy this fall. If you don’t, why not invest in your peace of mind – contact Ehrhart today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a propane generator for your Finger Lakes-area home.

Casey Energy – There when you need us most, just like your generator should be. Contact us today to sign up for our high value Generator Service Plan so we can get your service call in before the cold weather hits!