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Imagine Coming Home to a Roaring Fire This Fall…

Yes, we know there’s a heat wave in progress, and cold nights seem a long way away.

But if you’ve always dreamed of cozying up to a fire at the end of a long and beautiful fall hike in the Finger Lakes, the time to get started on that project is now.

Today’s realistic high-efficiency propane fireplaces, fireplace inserts and gas cast iron stoves can transform the experience of being in your home – and they can do it without the splinters, ashes, and clean up of a wood-burning hearth.

Considerations for your propane fireplace or stove

You’ll have to make some key decisions about your propane-powered fireplace or stove based on your budget, décor, room space, and current venting set up. We can help walk you through your options so you can get to the fun part – creating and enjoying your dream hearth.

Once you make your design choices, we can install your creation quickly and safely, in compliance with all local building and safety codes.

Don’t put off having your dream propane fireplace or cast iron stove! Contact Ehrhart today for a FREE estimate!