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In Unpredictable Weather, Routine Maintenance Is Key

Climate change

If we’ve learned anything so far in 2018, it’s that weather can change quickly and dramatically: in the last month, we’ve twice experienced a 30-degree temperature shift within a 24-hour period.

As weather becomes more unpredictable, it becomes more important than ever to prepare for anything – and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure you get annual maintenance for your heating system and appliances.

It can be tempting to skip routine maintenance if your heating equipment appears to be running well, but don’t be fooled: the stress and strain of a winter like the one we’re having could be taking its toll behind the scenes, not revealing itself until you push your system to its limits during a cold snap.

With routine maintenance, an expert technician can spot problems early, saving you the cost and hassles of an unexpected no-heat emergency repair. It will also help your equipment to run more efficiently, saving you money on monthly bills.

Ehrhart offers service plans for your heating oil- or propane-fired heating systems that include an annual maintenance, plus priority no-heat service, repair discounts, and more.

Don’t wait for your heating unit to break to find out that your service plan is the best way to save money and prevent hassles. Contact us today to enroll in an Ehrhart Service Plan – or fill out our online form to get started!