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Paperless Billing from Ehrhart Energy – Reduce Waste and Cut the Clutter

Throwing paper airplanes

Getting paper heating bills in your mailbox is so 20th century…why not join the modern world and make the switch to convenient paperless billing from Ehrhart Energy?

Make the switch from snail mail billing for you fuel today and you will enjoy:

  • Less clutter – Say goodbye to bulky paper billing records and enjoy PDF downloads sent right to your email (don’t worry – all your heating bills are safely stored in our archive, which you can access through our online customer portal).
  • Cleaner air…and a clearer conscience – If you are a conscientious consumer and have already made the switch to eco-friendly fuels like propane, Bioheat, or wood pellets in your Finger Lakes-area home, image how good you will feel when you reduce the carbon-producing paper waste, ink, delivery fuel, and other materials needed to get your bill to you and back to us!
  • No more late fees – With paperless billing you will save a stamp and save time – which means you will be more likely to avoid late fees (you can avoid them altogether by combining paperless billing with our convenient AutoPay option).
  • Lower costs – Electronic billing saves us the money, time, and other resources needed to produce a bill – savings that Ehrhart can pass on to you.
  • Better security – Paper statements can easily get lost or delivered to the wrong home address; with paperless billing, sensitive account information will be exchanged with you – and you only – thanks to our secure servers and firewalls.

Ready to make the switch to convenient paperless fuel billing from Ehrhart Energy? It’s easy – contact us and our friendly customer service experts will get you started today.

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