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Plan Ahead: Sign up for Smart Pay Today for More Predictable Heating Bills

Plan ahead note

The last thing you’re probably thinking about the week before Memorial Day is next winter’s heating bills – but if you want to ease the pain of those bills in the heating season to come, now is exactly the time to start thinking about it.

That’s because now is the time to sign up for Smart Pay – our convenient and fee-FREE way to make your heating bills more manageable.

With Smart Pay, we estimate your propane or heating oil costs for the year based on your past bills and current fuel prices. We’ll then divide that number over 11 payments starting in July, with one adjustment payment due (or a one-time adjustment credited to your account, if you have over-payed) the following June.

With Smart Pay, you won’t pay any more for your propane or oil, and you won’t use any more gallons than you otherwise would. You’ll only pay for the fuel you use – and you’ll even get a 5-cent discount on every gallon of fuel you order!

Imagine how much easier budgeting will be if you know exactly what your heating bill will be every month, no matter how much heating oil prices change or how cold it gets (that would have come in handy last winter, wouldn’t it?).

It’s all possible with fee-FREE Smart Pay from Ehrhart Energy.

Say goodbye to heating bill sticker shock! Get FREE peace of mind by making the smart choice – sign up for SmartPay today!