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Ready for Summer Grilling? Check Your Propane Tank Certification Date First

Checking grill propane tank

Summer’s almost here – and with it will come the mouthwatering smells of delicious food cooked on your propane grill.

But before you settle in for some safe summer grilling, you might want to check the certification date on your propane cylinder to make sure it’s current: you might not know this, but all grill cylinders are required by law to be recertified 12 years from the date they were manufactured, and every 5 years after that).

Follow these easy steps to recertify your propane barbecue tank cylinder.

  1. Look for your tank’s certification sticker; check the date to see if it is current.
  2. If it is not, contact us to schedule your recertification appointment.
  3. Safely bring your tank to us; we will test and recertify it, placing a sticker on your tank that indicates the inspection and recertification dates (inspections are good for five years).
  4. Pick up your tank and get grilling!

If your certification is current but you need more propane for your 20-gallon propane cylinder, we can help you there, too – just bring in (safely!) and we will get it done.

Get grilling this summer with your newly-recertified propane tank! Contact Ehrhart to schedule a recertification or refill of your propane tank today.