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Smart Pay – Get More Predictable Bills and a 5¢ Discount on Every Gallon of Fuel You Use!

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It’s common sense: you use most of your fuel – about 80 percent – during the height of winter. But that reality can lead to some unwelcome billing surprises – especially around the holidays.

The good news is there’s an easy way to make your fuel bills more predictable and manageable: sign up for Smart Pay from Ehrhart Energy.

With Smart Pay, we look at the average number of fuel gallons you’ve used over the last few years (or local averages based on similarly sized homes, if you’re a new customer), then multiply that total by the season’s projected prices. We then divide that total into 12 equal payments starting in May, making adjustments once a year if needed. Just like always, you’ll get a monthly statement that shows what you have received and what you have paid for.

There are no fees or finance charges for this service – in fact, you’ll get an automatic 5¢ per gallon prompt-pay discount on all your deliveries. And as always, you’ll only pay for the fuel you actually receive.

Make heating your home more predictable, less stressful and a lot easier without spending an extra dime – sign up for Smart pay from Ehrhart Energy today!