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Spring Is a Great Time for Heating Maintenance

Hello Spring

Spring is here – time to start thinking about the warm days ahead of us here in the Finger Lakes! But before you close the door on heating season 2018/19, it’s a good idea to do one last favor for your heating equipment: schedule your annual heating system maintenance.

Spring is a great time for preventative maintenance. For one thing, your heating equipment has just run the gauntlet of another long Upstate NY heating season and can probably use a little TLC from a heating expert.

More importantly, spring is the perfect time for heating maintenance because it’s not the fall, when everyone is trying to get his or her heating equipment serviced. While it used to be true that heating maintenance was best performed closer to the time the equipment was put to use, that is no longer the case; your professional maintenance won’t “wear off” during the off-season, so there is no difference between getting a tune-up in April or October – at least as far as the performance of your equipment is concerned.

There is, however, a BIG difference between getting your tune-up now and later in the year when it comes to convenience: If you take care of your heating maintenance now, you will probably get the service call time you want – something that is not always possible during peak season. You’ll also get the benefit of lower bills and more reliable equipment starting on day one of heating season 2019/20.

Another advantage to taking care of maintenance now? If the worst happens and you find that your heating equipment needs to be replaced, spring is without a doubt the best time to install a new heating system: prices are usually at their best of the year, and installation appointment times are much more open than they will be heading into heating season.

Spring is the perfect time to get your heating maintenance out of the way – why not sign up a Heating System Service Plan from Ehrhart today?