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Ten Safety Tips for Your Propane Grill

Couple grilling

We’re heating into prime grilling season here in the Finger Lakes, with Father’s Day and the Fourth of July weekend just ahead of us. Whether you’re grilling for a hungry horde or just for two, nothing beats the taste of food cooked on a propane grill.

Just remember to do it safely!

Here are ten reminders for safe summer grilling on your propane gas grill.

  1. Grill at least six feet away from your home.
  2. Keep your grill on sturdy and level ground and away from heavy foot traffic.
  3. Clean your propane grill after every use to avoid grease-burning flare-ups.
  4. Before you fire up your grill, check it for leaks.
  5. To light your grill, open the lid of the grill then turn on the gas at the tank. Never light a gas grill with the lid closed – gas could build up and cause an explosion. If the grill doesn’t light after a couple of clicks, turn off the burner, turn the gas off at the tank, and wait 5 or 10 minutes before attempting to light it again.
  6. Make sure to have a proper lid for your grill within reach to extinguish small grease flare-ups; Ii’s also a good idea to portable fire extinguisher or baking soda on-hand. NEVER try to put out a grease fire with water!
  7. Never leave your grill unattended: unattended grills are the source of 46 percent of cooking fire-related civilian injuries, according to the National Fire Protection Association – more than any other factor.
  8. Always practice food safety:
    • Wash your hands or use antibacterial gel or wipes before eating or handling food – especially raw meat, poultry, or fish.
    • Separate raw meats from cooked and prepared foods. Store raw meats in a separate cooler, place raw meat on its own plate, and use different utensils to handle uncooked and cooked food.
    • Always cook your food to safe temperatures.
  9. Never attach or disconnect an LP tank or adjust fittings while the grill is operating. If you run out of gas while grilling, turn off all the burners, reconnect the new tank, and re-light. When you finish grilling, shut the gas valve and disconnect the LP couplings before storing the grill.
  10. When transporting your tank for a propane cylinder refill, put it in a secure, well-ventilated location in your vehicle. Place it upright with the valve off, and take it directly to the refilling location. Do not leave the tank unaccompanied in the vehicle!

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