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The Importance of Maintenance for Your Pellet Stove

Pellet stove

When was the last time you got your wood pellet stove professionally cleaned?

Annual maintenance – including a cleaning – is a great idea not just for safety, but also for efficiency.

Since a pellet stove works by pulling in pressurized air from the exhaust, pet hair, dander, dust and lint are constantly drawn in. If passages within your stove aren’t cleared, or if your exhaust isn’t free of debris – air can’t properly circulate, and you loose efficiency (and therefor pay more to heat your space).

Other factors that influence how often you need to clean include how often you use the stove and the quality and content of the pellets you use; pellets with a higher ash content, which are generally a little less expensive and of lower quality, will also leave more ash behind. That means you’ll spend more on maintenance and have to clean more often – not worth the tradeoff in the end. The bottom line: invest in high quality wood pellets!

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