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The Perfect Addition for the Holiday Season: A Propane Hearth

Feet by fireplace

Looking for a way to make your holidays extra special for 2019? Consider putting a propane hearth under (well, next to) your tree.

Owning a fireplace used to mean investing a small fortune in masonry construction, followed by years of wood mess and ash cleanup – not to mention chimney maintenance. But now you can enjoy easy-to-install propane hearth alternatives that will give your living room a facelift while providing benefits that no wood-burning hearth can match.

With a propane fireplace, you will:

  • Always be one click away from an evening by the fire – A propane fireplace brings your family all the relaxation and visual appeal of a wood fireplace without any of the inconveniences.
  • Save money by turning down your furnace – At its heart, a propane hearth is a powerful and efficient space heater that can really bring the BTUs. With that kind of heat, you can take your thermostat down a few degrees and save money on your home energy bills.
  • Get consistent, controllable heating – Many of today’s high efficiency propane hearths are also equipped with features like blowers and thermostats to give you precision temperature control and even heating that no wood fire can match.

Propane log sets and fireplace inserts also available

Already have a brick or masonry fireplace but avoid using it because of the hassle and inconvenience of set up and cleanup? A propane gas log set or fireplace insert could be a great solution for you.

Both options install within your existing mantle and provide efficient heat at the push of a button – the difference is that a fireplace insert is a vented, glass-enclosed combustion box, while a vented or vent-free propane gas log burns in the open air. Which one is right for you? Contact us and we’ll help you decide.

Don’t miss a chance to gather your family around the fire this holiday season – contact the hearth pros at Ehrhart today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on a propane fireplace, fireplace insert, log set, or pot bellied stove!