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The Propane AutoGas Advantage for Your Commercial Landscape Business

The propane AutoGas advantage for your commercial landscape business

The official start of spring is less than a month away here in the Finger Lakes, and if you’re a commercial landscaper, it will soon to time to make hay (for some of you, quite literally!).

If you’re looking for a great way to branch into new territory with your lawn care business and claim new turf in the battle against competitors, consider converting your commercial landscaping fleet and other equipment to run on propane AutoGas.

Versatile enough to use for a wide range of landscaping equipment, propane AutoGas is a great choice for your commercial landscaping business because it is:

  1. Economical – You’ll reduce fuel costs by at least 10 percent with propane, and probably much more – especially when you consider the fact that you don’t have to pay fuel tax on Autogas.
  2. Clean – Propane has a higher octane rating than gasoline, so you’ll spend less money on oil changes and other maintenance (your equipment will also spend less time in the shop)
  3. Eco-friendly – Propane emits up to 60 percent less carbon than conventional fuels, which will give you an edge when you bid on jobs with environmentally minded customers.
  4. Hard to spill or steal – With its closed fuel system, propane virtually eliminates costly spills and theft.
  5. American! – More than 90 percent of propane is made in the U.S. (most of the rest of the propane we use is made in Canada).

Propane fleet vehicle conversions in the Finger Lakes, NY

Ready to take the leap into propane AutoGas – or at least learn more about what AutoGas can do for you? Contact the AutoGas experts at Ehrhart Energy today to learn about our full suite of propane AutoGas conversion services. Maybe your fleet of landscaping vehicles will become another AutoGas success story!

Make Ehrhart Energy your AutoGas supplier in Ithaca, NY and our surrounding service area today – and don’t forget to ask us about propane AutoGas conversions for commercial landscape vehicles, too!