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Three Green Acts for Earth Day

Earth Day

It seems like everyday we read, see, or hear about the devastating impact of global warming on people around the world and closer to home – and every day, the urgent need to respond in practical, everyday ways to the affects of our changing climate becomes more clear.

That’s one of many reasons why the messages we hear each passing Earth Day become more important.

Earth Day #49 is fast approaching (April 22), and with it will come new opportunities for people to share information, challenge ideas, and ignite passion about ways to protect our planet – from recycling and composting to eating locally-grown produce and driving eco-friendly cars. But perhaps the most important (and do-able) ways to reduce our environmental impact comes from the way we heat and maintain our homes.

If you want to do your part to shrink your carbon footprint in the months and years to come, consider engaging in one or more of these three green acts:

  1. Make your home more energy efficient. Reducing the load on your home heating system is one of the most important ways to save energy and reduce your environmental impact. From weatherizing and properly insulating your home to being more conscious about how you choose window treatments, every decision you make about how you live in your home affects the planet in some small (or not so small) way.
  2. Switch to alternative fuels. Heating your home with electricity can have a massive impact on the environment, since much of the electricity in our region is generated by coal- or gasoline-fired power plants. By switching to more eco-friendly home heating alternatives like propane, Bioheat, and wood pellets, you can significantly shrink your carbon footprint. With wood pellets, you get the added eco benefit of using a renewable and often locally-sourced fuel.
  3. Read this blog. Sharing ideas is vital to finding day-to-day, boots-on-the-ground ways to save energy and reduce environmental impact, and you’ll get those ideas on this blog. Check back each week for practical ways to save energy and walk more lightly on our planet.

Looking for ways to make your Finger Lakes-area home more eco-friendly? We can help. Contact Ehrhart Energy to get the low-down on low-emission options and high efficiency heating equipment today.