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Two More Ways to Save on Heating Bills with Ehrhart This Fall

Save money

Let’s face it: no matter how many ways you find to save energy and make your home run as efficient as possible, heating a home in a cold climate like ours can still get expensive.

The good news is that we offer a number of ways for you to save money during heating season. Here are a two of the big ones:

  • Switch to automatic delivery – With automatic delivery from Ehrhart, you’ll reduce the risk of running out of fuel – a problem that can cost you in more ways than one. If you are a propane customer, you will have to pay for a pressure test of your system after a run-out, along with an emergency fuel delivery. If you heat with oil, you’ll have that same emergency filling charge – plus, you may end needing to service your equipment as sludge from the bottom of your tank enters your fuel lines.

    But switching to automatic delivery isn’t just about preventing costly problems – it’s also about saving money: Sign up for automatic delivery and you will qualify for a 20-cent per gallon discount on every gallon of heating oil you buy from us!

  • Switch from another heating oil supplier – When you become an Ehrhart heating oil customer, you’ll also save more on your taxes than you will with most oil suppliers in our Finger Lakes service area. That’s because we offer B20 Bioheat® – a fuel that qualifies you for a 20-cent per gallon clean fuel credit on your New York State income taxes. Very few companies delivery such a highly refined, clean-burning fuel, which saves our average oil heat customer $160 each year!

Want to find even more ways to save during heating season? We can help. Contact the pros at Ehrhart Energy today to learn more about performance enhancing heating maintenance, high-efficiency heating equipment installations, and more for our Ithaca-area customers!