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Want Fewer Home Comfort UPS and Downs? Be Proactive in the Heating Offseason

Home comfort

Most of us like surprises – in a summer blockbuster or at a sporting event (if our team benefits, of course). But when it comes to our home comfort, surprises are just about the last thing we want since, more often than not, that surprise isn’t fun (coming home to a no heat emergency, for example, or getting a higher heating bill than you expected).

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to stave off those surprises and take control of your home comfort in the year ahead….but only if you’re proactive before heating season begins.

Take advantage of these convenient programs from Ehrhart Energy and make your 2019-20 heating season a little more boring (in a good way):

  • Smart Pay Monthly Payment Plan – How do you prevent high heating bills in the winter? Spread your energy payments out over the course of the year. With our Smart Pay Payment Plan (available for heating oil or propane), we’ll divide your annual heating bill (based on an average of your past bills) into 12 equal monthly payments. That means your bill will be the same month after month, no matter how much fuel you use (works great for planning your monthly budget!). There are no fees or finance charges for this service.

    Smart Pay can be combined with Auto Pay and paperless billing to make your bill paying experience more convenient (and less wasteful) than ever before.

  • Service Plans – Preventative maintenance is the best investment you can make for your home heating system – whether it burns wood pellets, propane, or heating oil. A professional inspection and tune-up will help keep your equipment operating efficiently and safely, and it will help prevent some of the more common issues that turn into problems down the road.

    With an Ehrhart Energy Service Plan, you’ll get an annual tune-up for your heating system, plus repair discounts, priority service, and more.

Enrollment for our Smart Pay Monthly Payment Plan kicks off in June, so be ready! Contact us today to get started, or to schedule your heating system maintenance for 2019/20 (don’t worry, our work won’t “wear off” by the time heating season starts!).