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What Is a Direct Vent Space Heater?

Direct vent space heater

An indoor space heater can turn a basement, spare room, garage, or any other room into a cozy, comfortable space with self-adjusting heat that keeps room temperature consistent from floor to ceiling.

Among the many types of space heaters available for your Ithaca-area home or workspace, direct vent propane space heaters stand out as one of the most powerful, effective, and safe options around. But what is a direct vent propane heater, and is it right for your home? Let’s take a look.

Direct vent heating 101

Direct Vent heaters are ductless, gas-powered systems that offer an economical and unobtrusive alternative to installing a traditional furnace or boiler.

Compact and quiet, direct vent heaters are basically sealed combustion boxes that mix outdoor air and propane gas to create heat. Any fumes emitted by burning fuel are pushed through a pipe and vented outside your home; air from inside the room does not mix with the fire.

Modern propane-fired direct vent heaters offer some important advantages compared to other space heaters and heating systems, including:

  • Powerful, duct-free operation – Direct vent heaters don’t require ductwork, so they are considerably easier and less expensive install and maintain than a traditional furnace or boiler.
  • Precision heating – Modern space heaters can detect temperature changes of less than 1° F, then adjust fan speed and output to reach a desired temperature. That means your rooms will be heated consistently and evenly from floor to ceiling, room-to-room, corner to corner.
  • Easy installation – Simple one-hole venting and no ductwork makes installation fast and straightforward. Installation by a trained experienced contractor typically takes a day or less.
  • Easy operation – Programmable thermostats in a direct vent heater allow you to adjust operation based on your habits and usage. Many “smart” models will even make those adjustments automatically.

Have a “lost room” that needs a little heating help? Contact Ehrhart Energy today to discover heating options that could help you this winter. We offer many indoor gas heaters, along with outstanding sales and service support – call us to learn more, or to get a FREE, no-obligation estimate for a space heater for your Finger Lakes-area home.