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Whole House Generators: The Ultimate in Peace-of-Mind Home Comfort Gear

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Floods have been a real problem for us here in the Finger Lakes area so far in 2018 – a big reason why it’s so important to be prepared for anything as we head into the fall.

One of the best ways to get ready for Mother Nature’s unpredictable wrath is with a whole-house propane backup generator. When severe weather wreaks havoc with the power grid, as it did during last month’s record flooding here in upstate NY, there are few things more comforting than knowing that your lights – and your sump pump – will stay on until power is restored.

Benefits of a Backup Generator

Unlike a portable generator, a whole house backup generator can power your entire HVAC system and all your electrical appliances, starting automatically within about 30 seconds of an outage. In addition to providing flood protection by keeping your sump pump up and running, your propane generator will:

  • Preserve your food – Generators can keep hundreds of dollars of food from spoiling – and keep your stove and oven working, too.
  • Power your medical devices – A whole house generator can literally be a lifesaver, keeping emergency medical equipment online and working.
  • Keep your valuables safe – With a whole house generator, home security systems will keep protecting your valuables.
  • Help you stay connected – Battery operated radios, laptops, tablets and cellphones need to be recharged. A generator will help keep you connected.
  • Keep you comfortable – A whole house generator will keep your air conditioner and dehumidifier running in the hot months, and if you run an electric heater in the winter, it will keep you warm, too.

For all these reasons plus peace of mind in any weather, nothing beats a back-up generator – especially one installed by the pros at Ehrhart Energy.

Invest in a whole house propane generator for the ultimate in peace of mind for fall and winter 2018/19! Contact Ehrhart today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a propane generator for your Finger Lakes-area home.