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Why Choose a Propane Water Heater?

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Almost any home comfort equipment that runs on electricity can operate more effectively and efficiently on propane gas – including your water heater.

It’s true: powering your water heater with propane will not only trim 20 to 30 percent (even more in the case of a propane-fired tankless water heater), it will also deliver such great benefits as:

  • Faster heating times – A propane-fired storage water heater can produce twice as much hot water as electric units in the same amount of time; propane tankless water heaters can produce unlimited hot water instantly.
  • Fewer harmful emissions – Propane is one of the cleanest-burning fuels available today, which means a smaller carbon footprint for your Finger Lakes-area home compared to a water heater powered by coal- or gasoline-fired electricity.
  • A longer equipment lifespan – On average, an electric water heater with a storage tank will last about 12 years; a propane tankless water heater can last 20 years or more.

As you can see, when it comes to water heating, choosing propane is the smart move for you and for the planet.

While the initial cost of installing a propane water heater may be a bit higher than installing an electric water heater, the long term energy savings by making the switch are substantial – an important point when you consider that heating water can account for up to 20 percent of your monthly energy bills.

Looking for an easy way to save 30 percent or more on your water heating energy bill? Replace your electric water heater with a high efficiency propane water heater. Contact the pros at Ehrhart today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on professional water heater installation in our Finger Lakes service area.

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