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Will I Have Enough Wood Pellets to Get Me Through the Winter?

Wood pellets

As one of the few companies that supplies wood pellets in the region, we here at Ehrhart Energy have to stay on top of trends in the industry, including (perhaps especially) when it comes to wood pellet supply and demand.

As you may know, the supply of wood pellets has been tight in recent years, and demand for the fuel continues to rise as people discover the many benefits of wood pellet power.

This shortage may be a cause of concern for you if you own a wood pellet boiler, furnace, or space heater, or if you plan to own one in near future – after all, the Finger Lakes area isn’t much fun in the winter without a reliable source of heat for your home.

We are writing today to let you know that when it comes to keeping a reliable supply of wood pellets on hand, ready and waiting for your order, Ehrhart Energy has you covered. Our relationships with regional and national wood pellet suppliers run long and deep – which means that when the (wood) chips are down, we’ll be near the front of the line securing the fuel you need to keep your family warm and safe in the months ahead.

Bulk wood pellet delivery helps

One of the best ways to make sure you have enough wood pellets to last the winter is to buy your wood pellets in bulk rather than by the bag; Ehrhart Energy can help you do that.

If you become an Ehrhart bulk wood pellet customer, we’ll set up an attractive, weather resistant storage bin at your home on blocks or a concrete pad. Once your bin is in place, our delivery truck will come on a regular schedule for top offs.

That’s it!

For reliable bulk delivery of wood pellets for your Ithaca-area home or business, nobody beats Ehrhart Energy. To learn more about our bulk pellet delivery, or about wood pellet equipment installations and service, contact us today.