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A Smart Way to Start Next Winter

A smart way to start next winter

It’s unfortunate that for many people, 80% of their fuel payments happen during just four or five months of every year. But you can change all that by enrolling in our Smart Pay program. You will also enjoy these other benefits:

  • Spread your fuel payments out over 11 months, instead of paying for your deliveries all at once.
  • Save money with a 5¢-per-gallon prompt-pay discount on all deliveries. This can easily add up to $50 per year in savings for most customers. You also have the option of adding a price cap to control costs further.
  • You only pay for what you receive, and that’s always at the discounted Smart Pay price.

Are you ready to make your life a little easier next winter? Why not request enrollment in Smart Pay by calling us or contacting us through our website today?

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