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Ask the Expert

JT Salzer

Q: What mistakes can I avoid when choosing a new heating system?

A: In my experience, here are three of the biggest ones.

  1. Waiting too long to replace a heating system. By delaying the inevitable, you risk lowering your options and compromising your comfort. It’s always best to replace your system before winter starts or after it ends, when possible.
  2. Choosing the wrong contractor. It’s not the equipment but the quality of the installation that makes the biggest difference. You can invest in the best system in the world, but if your contractor installs it improperly, you will not get the comfort and savings you paid for. What’s more, it can be a nightmare trying to get some contractors to stand behind what they sell.
  3. Not understanding all the possibilities. Today, there are lots of ways to get the ideal system for your home. Ehrhart Energy can give you various options for your budget and your physical space. If you have more choices and good guidance, you are much more likely to live “comfortably ever after.”

JT Salzer

Please contact us to arrange for a no-obligation consultation with one of our equipment experts.

explore your options

If you think your heating system is on its last legs, spring and summer are the perfect times to look into alternatives. If you’re thinking about converting your fuel source — from oil to propane or wood pellets — contact us to set up an appointment. We’ll be glad to visit your home and do a thorough cost analysis.

Since we service and install propane, heating oil and wood-pellet heating systems, we can give you an informed opinion about what may work best for your home in the years ahead.

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