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Customer Reviews

Ehrhart Energy reviews

We at Ehrhart Energy try our very best to deliver exceptional customer service at a fair price. These aren’t just words to us—we really do make every effort to earn our customers’ enthusiasm and loyalty.

Below you will see some recent quotes from our customers.

But lest you think we have “stacked the deck” here with favorable reviews, take a look at third-party sites such as CustomerLobby, where we have over 60 reviews—and a five star rating!

We are enormously grateful for everything you did to ensure that we had propane when it became so difficult to get a large and heavy truck up our long driveway. We were amazed at the number of times you attempted the driveway and that you then sent out a crane truck to deliver a smaller cylinder of propane.

Daniel and Jean M.

When I moved from the City of Ithaca to the countryside in 2010 I chose Ehrhart for my fuel oil and propane provider. Family owned, fair pricing, and wonderful customer support. They have worked with me to adjust smart pay billings and saved me money. Whenever I call with questions or to request a delivery, they are friendly, helpful and speedy. Ehrhart has lived up to its motto of “providing energy solutions that work for you.

Patti W.

I’ve been an Ehrhart customer for over 10 years. Fair prices, excellent customer service, and incredibly knowledgeable/helpful service department. This company is the best–you can’t go wrong with them!!

Sharton K.

Ehrhart has come to our rescue on multiple occasions with next-day delivery of oil! (We’ve had trouble keeping track of our furnace oil because of a faulty gauge.) Thanks, Ehrhart!

Eleanor A.

Ehrhart recently installed our new propane range and did a GREATJob. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Rachel B.

Good people to work with for heating and repair needs. Very happy with them.

Diane E.