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Whole-house propane gas generator system

briggs stratton gas generator

Comes a power outage, and your refrigerator stops refrigerating and your lights stop lighting. For hours…maybe days.

Or comes a power surge, and your computers stop computing and your flat screens flatline. Forever.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid these frustrating and potentially expensive situations by having Ehrhart technicians install a whole-house propane gas generator system before disaster strikes.

You need a fixed system, not a portable small fry.

  1. Less expensive now is not less expensive later. Sure, a little hand-held gas generator can power some things…but not a houseful of appliances and electrical systems. So keep your receipt for that little guy, and then compare it later to your costs for meeting your deductible when the sump fails near your finished basement…or all your cold and frozen food spoils…or…
  2. Portables are useless against power spikes. That zap has come and gone before you can curse, let alone fire up a portable generator that has nothing to offer in that battle anyway.
  3. Running small gasoline motors inside is never a good idea. We don’t care if the generator is in your garage–you’re still pumping gas fumes under the door and into your house.

How Ehrhart Energy can bring you some backup peace of mind:

First, we will total up the kilowatts needed to power your specific home. Only then will we recommend a system that’s right for you and your family. (Generally speaking, a 7kW unit will handle a small home with a limited number of circuits. A 10kw unit handles most average-size homes in our service area, with a 12kW handling larger homes and a 15kW for the very largest homes. But we’ve never found a “general home” or a “general family,” and so we give you the personal attention and analysis that you both require and deserve.)

After ordering your unit, we do all installation work other than the electrical hookup. We are not electricians. You can have your own electrician connect the generator, if you have a favorite electrical contractor, or we know several electricians whom we can recommend to you. (NOTE: If you are a certified electrician or know one whom you would like us to recommend, contact us so we can determine proper bona fides.)

We recommend that you schedule a service call with us once a year, so we can make sure your unit is fully prepared to serve you flawlessly in an emergency.

We have many sizes and styles available from the world’s most trusted manufacturers.


Ehrhart Energy promises all customers that you will always have heat in the winter, with prompt delivery of any fuel we provide.


You will also always get fair pricing when buying any of our fuels, equipment, or services. We care—you can count on it.

Ehrhart Cares

Ehrhart Energy offers many whole-house propane gas generator options, with outstanding sales and service support. Contact us to speak with a representative today.