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Propane gas water heaters

bradford white water heater

Ehrhart stocks many 30- and 40-gallon water heaters in all styles of venting. We can custom order any type of water heater that we don’t have in stock and we usually receive shipment within a week.

If you live in a mobile home, please note that there is only one type of water heater approved for mobile home use.

For other homes, you may choose a natural vent, which requires a flue from the water heater up through the roof. In some cases, you can tie into an existing chimney. You can also choose a power vent model, which uses a fan to vent flue gases horizontally through PVC pipe. The power vent recirculates the flue gases in the water, heating the water one last time before it is vented. This gives the water heater an extra 5%-10% efficiency.

We have many sizes and styles available from the world’s most trusted manufacturers.

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Ehrhart Energy promises all customers that you will always have heat in the winter, with prompt delivery of any fuel we provide.


You will also always get fair pricing when buying any of our fuels, equipment, or services. We care—you can count on it.

Ehrhart Cares

Ehrhart Energy offers many propane gas water heaters, with outstanding sales and service support. Contact us to speak with a representative today.