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Bill Overbaugh

On the Road Again

Dear Friends,

Over the past few months, several of us have logged some serious air miles in an ongoing quest to improve our performance for you.

Pellet boilers

Learn More About Pellet Boilers

Besides browsing our site, we encourage you to check out our video about pellet boilers on YouTube! Just go to YouTube.com and search for “Ehrhart pellet boilers.”

Marsha Covert


In the 15 years that she has been with us, our dispatcher, Marsha Covert, has worn many hats. She has been a full-time customer-service representative, an office manager and a team leader on procedures.

Great News About Oil and Propane

Heating oil and propane are safe and efficient home heating fuels that keep getting better. Here are some reasons to feel good about your options.

JT Salzer

Ask the Expert

Q: What mistakes can I avoid when choosing a new heating system?

A: In my experience, here are three of the biggest ones.

A smart way to start next winter

A Smart Way to Start Next Winter

It’s unfortunate that for many people, 80% of their fuel payments happen during just four or five months of every year.