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Commercial propane options


Businesses in many industries enjoy a wide range of commercial propane options.

It is one of the most economical sources of heat for large warehouses and factories. It is also the most popular fuel for powering indoor forklifts, because of its low, nontoxic emissions.

It is the best solution for backup generators, since it can be stored indefinitely, and will not deteriorate over time (like gasoline) or gel up in winter (like diesel). And it is the most popular fuel for industrial focused-heat equipment such as torches and welders.

A commercial plant using natural gas might experience interruptions in supply. But with a precisely calibrated mixture of propane and air, propane can be used as an auxiliary supply to operate natural gas equipment.

Most people are entirely unaware of propane’s most common industrial use: the production of plastics. That’s right – the dashboard in your car, the grocery bag from the store, even that fancy polyester tie was likely made with the help of propane!

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