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Wood Bricks: A cleaner, safer, more environmentally-friendly alternative for your fireplace or wood stove.

Wood bricks—also called biomass bricks—are made from clean, recycled wood chips and sawdust. They can be used in wood-burning stoves, wood burning fireplaces and outdoor fire pits.

Ehrhart Energy wood bricks offer the following benefits:

  • Carbon neutral—because the CO2 they emit when burned replaces the CO2 the trees would have emitted through burning or decay
  • 52% less particulate matter than cordwood—and even less when compared to oil or propane
  • Far less ash to clean up than cordwood—due to cleaner burn
  • No creosote—as is produced by cordwood
  • Burns longer and hotter than cordwood—because greater natural mass is condensed into smaller size
  • Half the storage space for same burn as cordwood—due to density and optimized stove fill (one ton of wood bricks gives you the same heat as about a cord of wood, but takes upon only about a third of the space)
  • Easier to stack than cordwood—due to uniform construction versus random wood cutting
  • Zero concern about burrowing bugs, mice or weather—because unlike cordwood piles, wood bricks are shrink wrapped
  • Cleaner and safer to handle than cordwood—or coal—with no dirt, dust or splinters

Now that you now why wood bricks are better your stove, fireplace or pit, learn about our wood brick delivery and pick-up services!


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