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Renewable Heat NY rebates

Renewable heat NY

Save up to $16,000
On a New Pellet Boiler.
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Renewable Heat NY (RHNY) provides incentives for New York State residents to install high-efficiency, low-emission wood heating systems.

With the help of RHNY your incentive to install a wood pellet boiler with thermal storage is:

  • 45% off the installed cost—up to $20,000 based upon system size
  • Additional $5,000 savings—for documented recycling of old outdoor or indoor wood boiler
  • Or $2,000 additional savings—for documented recycling of old whole-house wood furnace

Contact us to discuss incentives! You can learn more about RHNY incentives by clicking here.

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Learn more about RHNY and how Ehrhart Energy can sell and install your new wood pellet boiler. Contact us to speak with a representative today.