Leaders in Propane AutoGas

However, it’s not “gas” in the sense of “gasoline” or “diesel gas.” Rather, it’s propane-based gas, and its many benefits are causing this clean fuel source to become a worldwide fuel sensation. Additionally, propane autogas accelerates decarbonization!

If asked “What is AutoGas?” today, you might answer with “Gas for your car.”


This alternative fuel source now fuels more than 14 million vehicles in more than 40 countries, more than any other alternative fuel. According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, 59.7% of alternative-fueled vehicles nationwide run on propane, from buses in metropolitan areas to fleet trucks, forklifts, and farm tractors. It is the third most popular vehicle fuel, next to gasoline and diesel.

Ehrhart Fleet Runs on Propane

Ehrhart Energy is incredibly proud to lead the growth of the propane Autogas industry in New York State. Our fleet of trucks has run on clean-burning propane since 1949.  As a result, we regularly squeeze 300,000 miles or more out of our vehicles. Further, Ehrhart is one of the most experienced Autogas converters in the country, having performed hundreds of conversions for customers in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. We can help source a propane vehicle and convert a gasoline vehicle to propane. We can also install a private refueling station on your property, and of course, deliver the fuel.

Ehrhart Energy offers dependable AutoGas delivery service to fleet-based businesses within our service areaContact us to speak with a representative today.