Most people are familiar with the residential use of propane as a fuel for cooking, hot water, and heating. Everyone appreciates the low maintenance of beautiful propane gas hearth products and the warmth of a shower powered by a propane gas water heater.

For those who live “off the grid,” or experience power failures, indoor gas heaters can continue to heat your home when the power is out. It is ideal for whole-house gas generators, too, where gasoline or diesel goes bad after being stored too long.

New uses for propane are being invented every day, too! Scientists are using propane in the development of fuel cells, cogeneration, and distributed generation systems.

We have an extensive listing of many other propane appliances on our equipment page. When it comes to in-home propane, Ehrhart Energy is the #1 residential propane delivery and service dealer in Ithaca and all of Upstate NY.

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