Save On Home Heating Costs With SmartPay!

Are you taking advantage of one of our best programs for easing winter bills? It is called SmartPay, and it not only cuts your winter payments in half, it allows you to pay less per gallon. AutoPay is another program we have that helps you save time and avoid using paper.

Get Lower Winter Bills – And A 5¢ Discount!


It’s an unfortunate fact that 80% of your fuel bill costs come in just four or five months of winter. But Smart Pay lets us take your big winter bills and spread the payments over a full 11 months. Instead of paying $450, $500, or even $600 for winter deliveries, you will be able to virtually cut those payments in half.

As a bonus, you will automatically receive our 5¢ prompt-pay discount on all your deliveries. For many customers, this will save them $50 or more per year!

You don’t pay any more for your propane or oil, and you don’t use any more gallons. You pay only for what you receive, always billed at the discounted price – not a penny more. And you can relax knowing that your payment amount will stay the same each month, no matter what is happening to the world energy markets or how cold it gets.

How Smart Pay Works:

We take the average number of gallons from your annual fuel deliveries for the past few years and multiply that by the season’s projected prices. That will give us your total estimated fuel bill for the coming year. We then divide by 11 to come up with your monthly payments. You get a statement each month that shows you exactly what you have received, what you have paid, and your account status. If it turns out that our estimate was a little high or low, we’ll make the needed adjustment in June. It’s that simple.

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